Most frequent questions and answers

We combine some classroom training with hands-on lessons. You get to experience firsthand what it’s like to be a firefighter.  Each meeting will typically also have some physical training and exercise.  Each meeting will focus on the  5 learning objectives of the Exploring: Career Opportunities, Leadership, Life Skills, Citizenship, and Character Education.

We have scheduled meetings every other week on Saturday morning.  In addition we also do several community service projects or events throughout the year.  Attendance is not required at every event but if you are unable to regularly attend the scheduled meetings, we’d prefer you allow another candidate waiting to get the opportunity to participate.  There is a limited number of Explorers we can active, so we work with the Explorers on their scheduling needs.

Firefighting is a very diverse field, we provide experience in emergency medical care, emergency rescue, and fire prevention activities.  We also work with community support organizations and assist with their special events.  We also encourage opportunities for our Explorers to  learn life skills through volunteering with social organizations.  And we do, on occasion, plan an fun event or trip.

There is an annual participation fee of $33.  Explorers are also responsible for their post uniform which includes safety boots.  You will receive the specifications at the time of entry.  Prices fluctuate but expect $300-$400.  The post will provide all the emergency personal protective equipment we use for training.

We recommend visiting one of the bi-weekly meetings to observe.  If you would like to be considered for the program,  we require regular attendance prior to completing the candidate requirements.