Open Recruitment 2021

Physical Agility Test

Saturday, June 12th

Candidates will complete several firefighting physical tasks

Information in the Application Packet


Saturday, June 19th

Candidates will participate in a interview with Post Advisors

Information in the Application Packet

Eligibility List

Candidates completing all stages of the recruitment process will be placed on an eligibility list to fill future vacancies


Selected candidates from the eligibility list will be placed through a background investigation and provided details about uniform purchases


New Explorers will be fitted with personal protection equipment and allowed to participate in regular meetings.

Visit Us

Interested candidates are welcome to visit and watch during one of our bi-weekly meetings to see if it is a program they would like to be a part of.

*please attend in professional attire.

Join Us

After visiting the post, an Advisor can provide you the steps required to join. Candidates must be successful in completing an application, a physical agility test, interview process, and background investigation. Successful candidates will be placed on an eligibility list to fill vacancies in the post as they occur.

Explorer Meetings

Our normal meetings are held every other Saturday at the Fresno Fire Department’s training tower located Fresno/E Street.

Bi-Weekly Meetings

Saturdays 0800-1200

Fresno Fire Training Tower

1144 E Street
Fresno, CA 93706

Calendar of Upcoming Events